About Us!

It is hard to imagine that Chloe’s home is where the journey of Get Caked Bake House first began. Through years of practice, what started out as a relaxing hobby has grown into something unimaginable. When the demand for cake outgrew their home kitchen, herself and husband Oliver decided it was time to expand their venture. Today, there is an ever-growing team of self-taught bakers behind Get Caked. The local community no longer queue down the street leading up to Chloe and Oliver’s house, but instead take a trip to the delightful bake house, and bake boxes located throughout South Wales. Since the launch of the website, Get Caked are now gracing the whole of the UK with their cakes & bakes – but the journey does not stop there.


Although the Get Caked team is constantly growing our team values remain the same with passion, fun and creativity at the heart of all our staff. “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”


Get Caked are constantly listening to their loyal customers, who are always influencing new flavours and designs. With lots of new ideas going on behind the scenes, Get Caked certainly can’t wait to show you what they have coming up next!

Upcoming Events

Our upcoming events are currently on hold due to Covid-19. Keep an eye on our socials for announcements on future events and a super exciting surprise we have in progress!